At LE GOLF CLUB, we offer lessons for all types of players, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or perfectionist. Want to learn to play a bit better to stop having to worry about golfers waiting behind you on an outdoor course? Or do you just want the help of a pro to level up your game for the next season? Our golf lessons are perfect for you! We offer you individual, couple or group lessons. Note that for two-person and group lessons, you do not need to be at the same level of play. Lessons are available individually or in series, at our Vaudreuil-Dorion and Montreal centers. You could even book a group class for your next activity with coworkers. Our courses are offered with or without the aid of technological devices.  



To give you the best for your golf lessons, we provide you with our TrackMan 4 radar and Performance Studio software. Combined with the knowledge of your instructor, your lessons will be truly beneficial and rewarding. The TrackMan collects the club and ball data with great precision after each stroke you hit and then displays it on the screen, allowing you to fully understand the effect of the changes made during the lesson. It also takes a video capture of your swing on one or more synchronized cameras. And that’s not all … This information about your practice session can be recorded and you can then consult it at home. With this advanced technology, you and your instructor will be able to better visualize and see the points to practice and improve during your next golf lesson.  



Put your scorecard on a diet and have more fun golfing by reducing the number of putt you make during a game. Lessons are given on our large 1 500 square feet practice green in Montreal. The instructor will evaluate your putting and help you with improve techniques and offer you practice drills so you get and stay on top of your game.  


Already have your own instructor?  

Ask him to meet you at Le Golf Club.  Benefit from our installations, in a dry and temperature controlled environment, day or night with all the latest technology.

Here no lesson cancellation du to the weather.

Contact our experimented instructors directly.

We place great importance on the expertise and human approach of the instructors we choose to give golf lessons at our two centers. They make sure they understand your needs, your challenges and your expectations to accompany you on your journey, whether it is to introduce you to golf, perfect your game or correct the small details that cause you to lose points on the course.  

Daniel Santerre, CPGA   (450) 807-0082
James Collin Davis, CPGA   (514) 975-2051‬
Kevin Turcotte, APGEQ   (514) 880-6943
Julien Desforges    (514) 944-5695


At LE GOLF CLUB, we offer different packages to different level of golfer so everyone can have more fun and improve their golf. You can pay to play or pre-buy packages and save more.